TAMKO shingles have a proprietary sealant strip that seals better than any other brand, which is why we install with the standard 4 nail/shingle application. You get a 110MPH wind warranty with 4 nails/shingle, and 130MPH wind warranty with a 6 nails/shingle application (wind warranty applies once the shingles have had a chance to seal, which might not happen until the Spring if your roof was installed during the Fall or Winter).

TAMKO shingles are the easiest brand to work with in extreme temperatures during the summer and the winter. They don't mark up as much in the summer heat and they are less brittle in the winter cold.

TAMKO offers a 15- to 20-year non-prorated Full Start Period, Labor and Material (labor does not include removal of shingles). Most "Lifetime" Shingle Warranties are only Full Start for the first 10 years. It Pays to Compare.

TAMKO offers more color choices than any other brand, 17 color options! See all the colors they have to offer. See the colors here.

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